Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Pontipines

For those of you familiar with "In the Night Garden", you will know all about the antics of the Pontipines. For those of you who don't use it as a babysitter for the kids while cooking dinner watch it with your children, the Pontipines are tiny little dolls that live in a tiny little house in the night garden. There are the two parents and their 8 children.

I happened to see a comment about the Pontipines somewhere the other week that cracked me up. This person reckons that DOCS should be called on the Pontipines. Why, you ask?

Think about it; Mr and Mrs Pontipine are always losing track of where their children are. Half the time they have no idea of where they are. The children are always running away and hiding in the hole in the ground, inside the flower pots or behind the log. Often as not, the children are ditching their parents off to go train surfing on the Ninky Nonk. At least they have the sense to wear their seat belts, I will give them that.

And what do Mr and Mrs Pontipine do when they lose some or all of their children? Do they actually go look for them? No. They get a bit excited about it, then they carry on about with what they were doing and wait for the children to come home of their own volition. Often as not, they sneak back home down the chimney. I'm guessing that the Pontipines don't use their fire very often (if at all), because the children never seem to get burnt or even look dirty after climbing down the chimney.

No wonder the Wattingers, their next door neighbours, don't come to the door when the Pontipines ring thier door bell. Or neglect to turn up to picnics that the Pontipines invite them to. If my next door neighbours' children were always acting in such a wild manner, I wouldn't want my children hanging out with them either.

The Wattingers also have 8 children and they seem to be able to keep track of all of them for the most part. Not that you see the Wattingers all that much. I think they are hiding from the Pontipines. I'll bet that when the Pontipines come to the door, Mr and Mrs Wattinger are all like "Shhh! Quick, get down and hide! If we don't make a sound, maybe they will think we aren't at home and will go away".

Anyway, that's me done taking the piss out of kids TV shows for today. Are there any other kids TV shows you feel are worthy of having the piss taken out of? Maybe I could make a regular feature of it.

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Lifeasmummymax said...

LMAO! oh this made me laugh! and its oh so true! they do get a bit excited when they lose a child don't they!