Monday, 28 November 2011

Timewarp Tuesday: The Wombat Edition

Rather than subjecting you all to my crap awesome taste in music again, this week is all aboutone of my all-time favourite ads.

As a wee lass, I used to love the RSPCA ad that used to be shown on TV all the time. You know, the one with the wombat. Let me refresh your memory:

Every time the wombat would come on the screen, I'd yell out "Look Mum! Look at the little wombat!" Every single time. I'm sure the RSPCA ad was my mother's favourite ad. After all, what parent doesn't love their child yelling out the same thing over and over again in agitated excitement?

It's funny, because I always used to think that the wombat was wearing a white vest. It wasn't until many years later that I realised that he was all bandaged up.

Oh, and one more thing: how does one train a wombat to perform like a dog?

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Timewarp Tuesday - The ABBA edition

Yes, you heard right. This week is brought to you courtesy of my ABBA addiction, circa 1994. The early 90's were a time of frilled shirts, Frente, and Muriel's Wedding. I was a bit young to get into the movie, but I most certainly noticed the music. I can't remember if I asked for it or if Mum just used her psychic abilities, but I was given ABBA Gold on cassette for Christmas in 1994. It immediately went into my Walkman and stayed there for the next year. Yes, that's right, I listened to nothing but ABBA for a whole year. It was pretty tragic.

While we're at it, here's another song I really liked in the early 90's:

E-mail me with any suggestions or submissions for Timewarp Tuesday. :)

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Mother Moments is getting a facelift

You may have noticed a few changes here in my little corner of the blogosphere. For one, I now have working Facebook and Twitter link buttons.

I was on night shift last week at work, and instead of using my mornings for something productive like study for uni, I surfed the net learning a bit about using HTML and learning how to make buttons for social media sites and HTML tables for displaying the buttons of some of the totally awesome bloggers I follow. Look to the right, under the heading "If you like my stuff, you will love". If you think your button should be there, feel free to drop me a line with a link to your blog (if the HTML button for your code is in a box on your blog somewhere), or just send me an e-mail with the HTML code of your button.

Speaking of HTML code for buttons, I now have my very own button! Feel free to copy and paste the code onto your blog roll. In saying that, I plan to do a makeover to my wallpaper and header soon and I will probably change the button too. If you want, you can wait for that one.

Anyway, I know that they are only fairly minor changes at the moment, but I'm feeling very proud of myself for accomplishing them. Stay tuned for further changes. :)

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Timewarp Tuesday - The Snickers Edition

So, following on from last week and continuing in the advertising vein, I bring to you the Snickers edition.

I was about 4 or 5 when these ads were on TV and all I really remember is the handful of peanuts that becomes a Snickers bar when the person closes their hand then opens it again. It appears from my You Tube surfing extensive research that there were a few ads that all had the handful of peanuts becoming a Snickers bar, but this one made me snort the loudest.

I remember trying to turn a handful of peanuts into a Snickers bar after seeing a Snickers ad. I was very confused at first, then disappointed that all I had after my efforts was a handful of peanuts.

While I was conducting my You Tube surfing extensive research, I also came across this gem:

I had to put this one in the post, purely because of the ridiculous mullets. Man, I wish I had me a mullet like that. *Gag*

Anyway, as I said last week, if you have any suggestions or you want to guest post with your own Timewarp, send me an e-mail.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Timewarp Tuesday - The innaugral edition

Something got me thinking the other day about a particular ad that used to be on TV when I was a kid. With the wonder of You Tube, I was able to go look it up and relive the nostalgia.

It got me thinking more widely of things that I used to enjoy as a kid, which then led to a brilliant idea: "Why don't I blog about this stuff and make a regular blog segment about it?" Why not, indeed. Of course, I happened to have this idea at 6:30am, right as I had to start getting ready for work so it had to wait until the end of the day.

Without any further ado, welcome to the innaugral edition of Timewarp Tuesday, the corner of the blogoverse that dives into the nostalgia of my childhood, of times long past, of long forgotten fragments of life 'back in the day'.

Here is the ad that spawned the creation of Timewarp Tuesday:

I really loved this ad as a kid. Let's face it, we all used to dream of having a remote control car for this express purpose after seeing the ad. I remember begging my parents for a remote control car after seeing this ad. I never got one. Probably because (a) I'm a girl and even though I was a tomboy, I think Mum always held out hope that I'd be more girly. She certainly never pandered to my more boyish tendancies any more than she had to; and (b) because they probably (correctly) suspected that I would try to pull this stunt off. Our nearest Macca's store was a 10 minute drive away. I don't think it was going to work.

Anyway, that's Timewarp Tuesday for this week. I have some more gems for future editions, but if anyone has any suggestions or wants to guest post for Timewarp Tuesday, send me an e-mail.

Snuggles with Wombat

I woke up about 20 minutes before my first alarm was due to go off this morning. I thought about getting up and doing some study before getting ready for work, but suddenly spending the time snuggling with Wombat held more appeal. I turned the first alarm off on my phone and settled in for a snuggle session.

At the moment, Thunder Maker and I are bed sharing with both of our boys. It was always something we fought against with Seagull, but he would generally wake up if we tried to put him back in his cot after a night feed. I think he could sense our agitation with the enforced bed sharing arrangement because he was always a very unsettled sleeper and would kick us in his sleep.

I went back to work part time when Seagull was 11 months old. Seagull went through a feeding frenzy of sorts at just after 12 months old. He would want to feed for about an hour at a time. If I thought he was asleep and tried to remove my breast so I could go back to sleep, he would crack an almighty hissy fit until I put him back to the breast.

When he started getting to the point of feeding like this five times a night, I'd had enough of being sleep deprived. We moved Seagull's cot into his own room and Seagull out of our bed. He protested at first, but we were firm and he started to sleep through. Which was a blessing, given that we found out I was pregnant again a couple of weeks later.

I was determined that Wombat was going to sleep in his cot (in our room) and not in our bed. It lasted until he was about 10 weeks old and would wake up every time I tried to put him back in the cot after a feed. I caved and figured that I'd deal with transitioning him into his own bed later.

Seagull was transitioned from a cot to a bed not long after Wombat was born. He was happy enough being in the bed and slept well enough there, but when we went away for one of my uni residential schools earlier this year, both of the boys ended up sleeping in the larger bed with me and Thunder Maker had the single bed to himself.

When we got home, it was really cold at night and we couldn't afford to run our central heating overnight so we decided to let Seagull continue sleeping in our bed so he didn't get cold down the other end of our very long house all by himself. Seagull no longer thrashes around in his sleep and the arrangement has been working well for all concerned.

So, back to our snuggle this morning. We started off with me laying on my back and Wombat's arm draped over my tummy, but I decided that I wanted to lay on my side. When I rolled over, Wombat rolled over as well so that he was spooning into me.

I can't describe how nice it was laying there, cuddling my baby boy into me. I was marvelling at how snuggly he is and breathing in his scent from his hair, occasionally giving his head kisses. When I looked over him, Wombat had his hand over Seagull's hand. It gives me great joy to see the affection that Wombat and Seagull show for each other, even in their sleep.

It occurred to me that they are only little and snuggly for such a short period of time in their lives. Soon enough they will want to sleep in their own beds and they will consider themselves too big for cuddles and snuggles with Mum. For now, I'm going to enjoy every moment where they want to cuddle or snuggle with me.

Except for the cuddles where Wombat decides to bite me. That really hurts.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Pontipines

For those of you familiar with "In the Night Garden", you will know all about the antics of the Pontipines. For those of you who don't use it as a babysitter for the kids while cooking dinner watch it with your children, the Pontipines are tiny little dolls that live in a tiny little house in the night garden. There are the two parents and their 8 children.

I happened to see a comment about the Pontipines somewhere the other week that cracked me up. This person reckons that DOCS should be called on the Pontipines. Why, you ask?

Think about it; Mr and Mrs Pontipine are always losing track of where their children are. Half the time they have no idea of where they are. The children are always running away and hiding in the hole in the ground, inside the flower pots or behind the log. Often as not, the children are ditching their parents off to go train surfing on the Ninky Nonk. At least they have the sense to wear their seat belts, I will give them that.

And what do Mr and Mrs Pontipine do when they lose some or all of their children? Do they actually go look for them? No. They get a bit excited about it, then they carry on about with what they were doing and wait for the children to come home of their own volition. Often as not, they sneak back home down the chimney. I'm guessing that the Pontipines don't use their fire very often (if at all), because the children never seem to get burnt or even look dirty after climbing down the chimney.

No wonder the Wattingers, their next door neighbours, don't come to the door when the Pontipines ring thier door bell. Or neglect to turn up to picnics that the Pontipines invite them to. If my next door neighbours' children were always acting in such a wild manner, I wouldn't want my children hanging out with them either.

The Wattingers also have 8 children and they seem to be able to keep track of all of them for the most part. Not that you see the Wattingers all that much. I think they are hiding from the Pontipines. I'll bet that when the Pontipines come to the door, Mr and Mrs Wattinger are all like "Shhh! Quick, get down and hide! If we don't make a sound, maybe they will think we aren't at home and will go away".

Anyway, that's me done taking the piss out of kids TV shows for today. Are there any other kids TV shows you feel are worthy of having the piss taken out of? Maybe I could make a regular feature of it.