Saturday, 19 November 2011

Mother Moments is getting a facelift

You may have noticed a few changes here in my little corner of the blogosphere. For one, I now have working Facebook and Twitter link buttons.

I was on night shift last week at work, and instead of using my mornings for something productive like study for uni, I surfed the net learning a bit about using HTML and learning how to make buttons for social media sites and HTML tables for displaying the buttons of some of the totally awesome bloggers I follow. Look to the right, under the heading "If you like my stuff, you will love". If you think your button should be there, feel free to drop me a line with a link to your blog (if the HTML button for your code is in a box on your blog somewhere), or just send me an e-mail with the HTML code of your button.

Speaking of HTML code for buttons, I now have my very own button! Feel free to copy and paste the code onto your blog roll. In saying that, I plan to do a makeover to my wallpaper and header soon and I will probably change the button too. If you want, you can wait for that one.

Anyway, I know that they are only fairly minor changes at the moment, but I'm feeling very proud of myself for accomplishing them. Stay tuned for further changes. :)


Rachel said...

it's looking good!
good on you for figuring out the button thing... i have one but haven't got round to putting it up or figuring out the html....
he he!

Sidetracked said...

Hi Rachel!

I think I'm all done for now. I'm not 100% happy with the header, but at least it's all me now. Or at least the boys' swing set and Seagull's "zoom bike".

The coding is actually quite easy once you figure it out. If you want, e-mail me a link to your image in Photobucket or whatever program you upload your images to and I'll figure out the code for you and e-mail it back to you with directions. It's not an offer I'd make to just anyone, but I've been reading your stuff since I first started blogging and I want your button on my page. :)

Rachel said...

aw thanks!
after reading this last night i decided to have a go and after an hour of getting nowhere put the call of frustration out on twitter - the fab ms. glowless was looking for a distraction and whipped it up for me in like a min! so now it's there :)
thanks for the offer though.
loving the finished product - it's unique, which i think is much nicer :) xx