Saturday, 31 December 2011

NYE edition: Happy Birthday Seagull!

Yet again, I have pulled a disappearing act from the blogosphere for the last couple of weeks. In my defence, I haven't had an Internet connection for most of that time. You know, with moving interstate and all. At some stage when my head stops spinning, I'll get around to posting about the move. Right now, I want to shout out a great big "Happy Birthday!" to Seagull.

The last three years have been both the longest and the shortest three years of my life. Seagull started going through the terrible twos at around 18 months and he still has his moments now. Well, not right this instant, as he is in bed sleeping, but I'm sue you all get what I mean.

However, when Seagull is not being a toad or asleep, he is a very sweet little man who brings us much joy and plenty of laughs. It's been occurring to me over the last few weeks just how much Seagull has developed over a very short space of time. We are getting to the point where we are actually able to have a conversation with Seagull. Sure, his syntax is wrong at times, but he'll get it right eventually and everyone else knows what he means in the meantime.

Seagull comes out with the funniest things at times. Thunder Maker told me about a funny conversation he had with Seagull yesterday. It went something like this:
Thunder Maker: What are you doing?
Seagull: Playing with myself.
Thunder Maker glanced down. Sure enough, Seagull had a raging boner.
Seagull: Go away Daddy!
Seagull glared at Thunder Maker as he walked off and got back to business. If this is my little boy at (nearly) three years of age, I don't want to know what he is going to be like as a teenager.

Some of you may remember me going on about how much toilet training sucks earlier this year. Well, I am pleased to announce that Seagull got the hang of doing wees in the toilet about a month or so ago. We're still working on #2's, but Seagull very proudly tells anyone and everyone when he has done wees in the toilet now. He figured out how to do wees standing up the other week, so now he announces "I did wees in toilet standing up!" to anyone that will listen.

On that note, I'd better go get organised for the day. I had planned on making cake pops for Seagull's birthday, but that is so not going to happen now. I'm taking the cheat option and buying one this year.

Lastly, Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all have a fantastic evening tonight and that tomorrow morning treats you kindly. I'm looking forward to writing more blogs and reading everyone else's on the flip side.