Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I hate toilet training

Toilet training sucks balls. I can't begin to tell you how over it I am.

I've had my MIL asking since just before Seagull's first birthday when I was going to start toilet training him. Thankfully she lives too far away at the moment to be too much of a nuisance about it.

I've been wanting to toilet train Seagull since about March or April this year. I decided one day that I was just going to do it. After a whole Saturday spent going back and forth between the toilet and constantly cleaning up puddles that had been made two minutes after a toilet trip, I decided that Seagull wasn't quite ready to toilet train yet.

On the upside, Seagull got the whole toileting routine down pat. He loves to sit on the toilet. We have a special toilet seat with a step ladder attached to it and Seagull knows how to put it on the toilet. He is really good at pulling his undies down and climbing up onto the seat. He is really good at using toilet paper. Perhaps a little too good. We go through a lot of toilet paper when Seagull goes to the toilet. He's even got flushing the toilet and washing his hands afterwards down pat. He just won't urinate in the @#$%* toilet!

To be fair, we did have a couple of occasions the other week where Seagull seemed to be making a genuine effort and managed to squeeze out a few drops. Since then though, it's been more of the not going in the toilet, then wetting himself later on.

It's at this point that I wish I was at home with Seagull so that I could make a concerted effort to toilet train him. Thunder Maker, bless his cotton socks, is not very persistant or consistent with his toilet training efforts. I think the problem is that he is not very patient with poor Seagull and he gets very impatient with Seagull when he seems to want to use the toilet every 10 minutes, only to do nothing.

We have a potty for Seagull, but he point blank refuses to use it. I think it's because he knows we use the big toilet, so he wants to use it too.

I'm really feeling like we need to get this show on the road. We are moving in 8 weeks time and Seagull is due to start pre-school at the end of January. However, he can't start if he isn't toilet trained. I really want to get it all happening so that we aren't trying to toilet train Seagull during the move or at the very last minute while we are trying to unpack everything at the other end.

Tell me people, how the hell do I get a child to urinate in the toilet? He knows how to go through the toileting routine, he just doesn't seem to have worked out how to wee in the damn thing.


Rachel said...

i hated toilet training i'm not going to lie... hardest thing I have had to do as a parent so far (i'm sure harder things are to come!) and I don't look forward to having to do it again, but hopefully I have a few tricks up my sleeve for next time!!
What worked for me?? Bribery...sorry no rewards! we had a reward chart and a lucky dip bag. everytime he got five stickers (for using the potty/toilet and not wetting/soiling his undies) he could have a lucky dip. In the bag were small things like matchbox cars, cool pencils, stamps, stickers etc... If all else fails use his favourite treat food!

Sidetracked said...

Yes, I'm starting to think that I'm going to have to bribe... ah I mean reward Seagull with chocolate whenever he manages to use the toilet. I don't think stickers will work. As much as I hate to use food as a reward, chocolate is very much Seagull's currency.