Friday, 25 February 2011

Wii-ing it up!

I've been moaning for a while that I need to lose the extra 10kg or so of baby weight and Thunder Maker has been telling me to stop moaning about it and do some exercise. I happen to own a Nintendo Wii and some exercise programs that have been collecting dust since I fell pregnant with Wombat and I've been wanting to give those a go again. There was just one small problem. Or two big problems, to be exact. They go by the name G cup and there is no way I can exercise without those babies in a good sports bra. I had bought a good one just over a year ago, when I first got the exercise programs for my Wii. Could I find it? Of course not. In any case, I've gone up about two cup sizes since I bought the bra so I gave up hunting for it and went online.

Now this is not a paid plug, just that I have had dealings with this particular retailer before. The ladies at Storm in a D Cup are awesome. They don't sell bras in any cup size smaller than a D and they are all ample busted ladies themselves, so they know what it is like to be big breasted, they know what looks good, what works and how to fit bras. They are based in Sydney, but also retail online, so I jumped onto the website to see what they had. I ended up being a little confused by it all and dropped them a line with my questions. They got back to me very promptly with a suggestion of a bra that would work for me. I placed an order first thing on Wednesday, selected the express post option and proceeded to wait.

As I live outside of the Express Post nextwork, it took two days for my new bra to arrive rather than one. I was very excited when it arrived. Unfortunately, errands outside of the house took me away from my new sports bra and it had to wait until later.

Later that day, with both of the kids tucked up safely having their afternoon nap, the sports bra went on, I disconnected the RGB cable from the DVD player, connected the Wii RGB cables up to the TV and away I went. I've been using a program called EA Active. It comes with a resistance band and a leg strap to tuck the nunchuck into when it's not being used. It has a "personal trainer" that shows you how to do the exercises and who gives you encouragement/tells you off when you slack off. I figured that I'd be right using the medium workout intensity setting. Oh, how wrong I was. The first few activities were a warm up run, warm up squats and a set of side lunges. My legs were wobbly after doing those three activities. I honestly hadn't realised how much strength I'd lost in my legs over the last year or so. I somehow managed to stumble my way through a whole workout (about 25 minutes) before wobbling over to the lounge and collapsing in a heap. By this stage, both boys were awake and Wombat wanted a feed. I have never been so relieved in my life to just be able to sit there and feed a baby.

I think I'm going to be changing the setting back to easy tomorrow. I can work my way back up to medium. Oh, and the sports bra was really good. It held everything in place nicely so that I wasn't concussed by my boobs jumping up and hitting me in the face.

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