Saturday, 26 February 2011

Saturday Ramblings

I am so sore today. I am so sore that I can barely move. Picking up Wombat and putting him down is interesting as my quads are so sore that I can't bend my knees. I'm a tiny bit stiff in my back, but it must be more used to me picking up heavy things. Such as Wombat.

I had Wombat weighed and measured yesterday. He is now 8.7kg and 65.5cm long. Did I mention that he is four months old? Apparently he is now in the 90th percentile for height and is off the chart for weight. His Daddy actually has a slight build when he's not sporting a keg, but he is also 193cm tall. I'd say that Wombat is going to take after his Daddy in the height department a lot more so than Seagull. I come from a family where most of us suffer from Duck's Disease and I've started to resign myself to the fact that Seagull, barring some miracle upon reaching puberty, is probably going to be another member to that club. Seagull already looks like my side of the family, whereas Wombat looks a lot more like his Dad.

Anyway, back to me being in pain. I woke up this morning, flexed a few muscles and realised that I was going to be really feeling it today. Sure enough, I've been alternating between trying to walk normally in the hope that it would loosen my muscles a bit and waddling around like a duck. My only respites have been taking Seagull for his weekly swimming lesson and falling asleep on my bed this afternoon whilst feeding Wombat.

Seagull has been going to swimming lessons since he was six months old. My Mum was never one for taking me to the pool and the first swimming lessons I ever had were when I was in year 2 at school, so I would have been about 8. My swimming style is pretty haphazard to this day and I really don't like being in any body of water where I can't touch the bottom with my feet while my head is out of the water. I always swore that when I had kids that they would be going to swimming lessons as soon as they are able to. I hold no aspirations for them to become Olympic swimmers, I just want them to be able to swim and be able to enjoy being in the water in a way that I've never been able. I keep thinking of other activities that Seagull would enjoy, but they all cost money and more importantly, he is only 2. I figure that he already goes to childcare twice a week, Rhyme Time at the library once a week when we actually make it (more about Rhyme Time in another post) and swimming lessons on a Saturday. If Seagull did any more organised, structured stuff, it would cut into his time to just be a kid and do his own thing. If he wants to do other stuff as he gets older, that's fine but I'm not going to push him into doing more stuff now.

Getting down the steps into the pool today was fun. Seagull wanted to take off in front of me and there was no way I was letting him walk down the steps before me. A slight wobbly was thrown until he realised what I was trying to do, then he was very happy to cooperate. I've been so chuffed with my little Seagull's swimming efforts of late. We didn't do anywhere near as much swimming as we had anticipated over the summer holidays as we thought we would and I was a bit worried about Seagull forgetting some of the stuff he'd learned in his lessons last year. Having that break seems to have worked quite well for him in that he has only just started to do things that he was trying to do at the end of last year, but hadn't quite worked out yet. Seagull can now put his mouth under the water and blow bubbles. He doesn't put his whole face under yet, but he will eventually. He is also kicking nearly all the time while moving around in the water, although he doesn't paddle his arms much. The most exciting thing though is that Seagull can now keep himself floating in the water when he has an O ring type floaty on. Yay Seagull! Obviously, I still stay within grabbing distance so I can yank his head back above the water if his mouth and nose go under, but I was able to proudly lift both hands up and wave to Daddy and Wombat while Seagull was kicking madly and floating in the pool. Seagull loves his swimming lessons. I love them too because he conks out as soon as we get home. He must have been really knackered today because he slept for 3.5 hours. He normally sleeps for about 2 hours during the day.

I ended up conking out this afternoon too. Wombat was after a feed and in true laziness convenience, I lay down on the bed to feed him. We both fell asleep and woke up about 3 hours later. It meant that I put dinner on about an hour later than I meant to, but Thunder Maker didn't mind. We'd had a late lunch and he knew that I needed the sleep so he left me to it. Of course, my legs were twice as stiff as they were before when I woke up. According to the program I've started using on the Wii, today was meant to be an exercise day. That program can kiss my aching backside because there is no way I'm going to be doing that again while I'm this sore. Tomorrow is meant to be my rest day, but I'll give it a go if I'm feeling less sore. If not, it can wait until Monday.

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Rachel said...

oh my goodness! i just got to the part about the wombat's weight and thought 'oh he must be the same age as my smiling tiger' then i read the next! no wonder your back hurts!! my smiling tiger is 8months and weighs just a little less than your wombat. goodness hope he starts walking soon so you don't have to carry him!!!
thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! my little emperor was born in the year of the pig so i have a pig and a tiger...maybe one day my tiger will grow up to eat my little piggy!!
my husband and i are the same chinese year too - we are both horses...wonder how our combo works out?