Monday, 23 April 2012

Funny stuff Seagull says and does

Seagull says and does some really funny things. That's probably a good thing because there are times where he really pushes my buttons.

Over the last few weeks, Seagull's comments and actions have included:

"No, Daddy, 3 minutes!"
Said when Thunder Maker put Seagull on the 'time out' chair and told him to stay there for 2 minutes. He knows that 'time out' lasts for 3 minutes.

"I'm a boy and Wombat's a chub chub!"

Instigating a raspberry blowing competition with Wombat on my stomach. Wombat performed admirably, but Seagull won because his sounded the most like farts.

"Hello! I'm eating marshmallows".
To some random stranger at a cafe.

Thunder Maker had to have a conversation with me because Seagull had been exploring his body. By giving himself an anal probe with the stylus from his magnetic drawing board.

The teachers at Seagull's pre school pulled out some hot pink nail polish to do some nail painting. Seagull rushed to be the first in line.

Me: "Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina".
Seagull: "Pyjanamals!"

"Mummy, can you read 'Stinky Malinki' to me?"

Picking up Seagull from pre school one day:
Me: "What did you do today?"
Seagull: "I go see girls".
He gave me a cute smile and batted his insanely long eyelashes as he said it too.

"Oh, shit!"
Seagull's reaction to Thunder Maker nearly cleaning up a P plater who tried to cut us off.

"I'm a pirate!"
He was wearing a pair of Thunder Maker's boxers as a neckwarmer at the time and jumping up and down on my bed.

"Wombat, we do not bite! Keep your mouth to yourself!"

"Look Mummy! Spider-ants!"
Despite me telling Seagull that they are ants, not spider-ants on countless occasions, he still insists on calling them spider-ants.

Like I said before, it's a good thing he's funny...

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