Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I've been filled with an ever-increasing sense of dread for the last few days. I made the mistake of letting myself fall behind in the first week of uni and have madly been trying to play catch-up ever since. I'm studying a human anatomy subject and a physics for health sciences subject.

Ironically, it is the physics subject that I'm up to date with as far as study goes. That's mainly because I have to complete a multiple choice quiz that counts toward my final mark at the end of each week. I also have to do a tutorial task each week that also contributes to my overall mark. This is on top of three assignments and the prac work that I have to complete at residential school.

Human anatomy is the stuff that while I find it easier to read about and comprehend, there is so much content to cover that I feel like I'm drowning in it. It is now halfway through week 3 and I've only covered about a third of the week 2 stuff so far. I've been trying to work on it through the day, but with two children, it gets hard. I've taken to going outside, spreading out on the table under the patio and letting Seagull run around the yard while Wombat sits in the pram next to me. I still get interrupted constantly, but less so than if I tried to study inside.

Yesterday at one point, I looked up from my study to find Seagull grinning at me with a black mouth full of ash and a trail of black down the front of his vest. Thankfully he was wearing the vest, so I was able to take that off and leave Seagull in his t-shirt after washing his hands and face under the garden tap. When I went to investigate where he could possibly have found ash, I found Thunder Maker's small pot belly heater around the corner that he had been burning old sticks and leaves in. In order to get some peace and to try to keep Seagull relatively clean, I sweeped up all the ash on the ground, threw it behind a bush in the garden, then relocated the pot belly heater to the garage.

I thought that today would be a good time to smash into some study/tutorials while Seagull is at childcare, but apart from doing this week's physics tutorial, I haven't gotten much done. Even having one child around is somewhat of a distraction where study is concerned. It's also amazing how much more time you can find to procrastinate when you only have one child to look after.

Anyway, I should go eat some cake now, then get back to the books while Wombat is sleeping. Wish me luck!

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Samone said...

Is there a church group or something in the area that does random occasions day care? The one near me is one where you can book and ahead and its for one off occasions etc.... like playgroup I guess but doesnt have to be on a regular occurrence. Maybe you just need one day to play catch up where you dont have to worry about the midgets.