Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Wombat is getting grommets!

So much has been happening since I last blogged. Now that uni is more or less finished for the year (hopefully I my application for deferrment for the exam I missed due to gastro gets approved), I have a bit more time to myself and I plan to use it to blog more often.

My big news is that Wombat got bumped up the list to visit the ENT surgeon. Our initial appointment was for mid-November, but I got a phone call on Friday 5 Sep asking if I could bring Wombat in on Monday. Um, hell yes!

At the appointment, the ENT surgeon said that as Wombat had been suffering from a runny nose for 12 months and his hearing has been affected for so long, she wasn't going to stuff around with prescribing a month long course of antibiotics, and recommended bilateral grommets and an adenoidectomy. I'm paraphrasing here, and more was said, but that was the essence of the discussion.

The ENT surgeon said we could more or less choose our own date, but the soonest she could fit us in was 18 Oct. I immediately booked Wombat in for 18 Oct. It was such a relief to have my suspicions confirmed and to have a definite date to have Wombat fixed up.

The eve of Wombat's surgery is now upon us. I got an SMS from the hospital this afternoon to advise that Wombat is scheduled for admission at 7:30am. I'm mostly excited and just a little nervous. I'm really looking forward to having two children who can hear properly.

I'll keep you posted about Wombat's progress after the surgery.

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