Saturday, 14 January 2012

Mother Moment at the pie shop

I've been busting my hump over the last few days to get an assignment done for uni that I was given a week's extension on due to moving state, not having internet access during that time, etc. Of course, the extension happened to coincide with a trip to Sydney that Thunder Maker had planned so that we could visit his Mum. Way to make effective use of the time I was given for the extension. Not.

It was a productive trip in other ways though. When we weren't spending time with the MIL, I was spending money on new bras (apparently I measure as a 12 on my torso under my boobs now rather than a 10), exercise clothing, new sandals, new runners and a new iPhone.

Yes, I convinced Thunder Maker to take on my old phone which still has a year to go on its contract and went to the local Apple store to get me a new iPhone. I'm of the opinion that Siri is gimped in Australia by virtue of the fact that you can't use it to get directions, but it's pretty cool to just be able to tell Siri who you want to call and have it happen. Yes, I am that lazy that I tell my phone who to call rather than press a few buttons.

Anyway, enough about my iPhone. I had a doozy of a mother moment today. We had been to our initial appointment with our new chiropractor. Whilst what she did is very effective, she manhandles us all a lot more than our old chiropractor did. Still, she's nice, she explained what she was doing in great detail and the kids love her.

We decided to go out for lunch because we could and because I was procrastinating mulling over the direction I wanted to go in with my assignment. There is an awesome pie shop sort of near us, but it's too far away from home to go there just to get a pie. It happens to be about 5 minutes away from our new chiropractor though, so we decided to take advantage of it.

After we had finished our pies, I asked Thunder Maker if we should get some of the shop's take away pies. He was keen, so I got back in line to order. I left Seagull and Wombat with Thunder Maker at the table. A couple of seconds after I stood in the line, I noticed the shape of a small random child in my peripherary. I was wondering who this small child belonged to and why was he standing so close to me. I tried to move away a bit and he moved in sync with me, still at the edge of my peripheral vision. At this point I wondered why the small child wasn't going to go away.

It was only at this point that I thought to look down. The small random child was actually Seagull.

Oh, and Seagull found a $2 coin on the ground at the pie shop too.


Moni Macaroni said...

Hey! Hope you guys had a great Christmas! I was only thinking the other day on the chair lift how I wish I had Siri on my phone... it was a pain taking my gloves off when its puking with snow on a lift to check to see if it was the text I was waiting on that just came in. I have the hands free headphones... could have just told the phone to tell me what it said.

MommyGlamour said...

Alright A $2 coin! That is awesome! ANd your blog spot looks so lovely!

Sidetracked said...

Hi Moni, I hope you had a good time in Japow! We were actually in Sydney for Christmas. We always seem to be there when you are away. Young Seagull loves the sound of Siri as it's activated, so he's always turning it on. :/

MommyGlamour, thanks for dropping by and welcome to blogging. It gets very addictive. :)