Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Seagull's love affair with 7:30

I think Seagull may have a new love interest. Her name is Leigh Sales.

Seagull's vocabulary has really started to come along in leaps and bounds in the last month or so. He's also starting to comprehend how to answer questions now. He still mimics things that he hears, but he is starting to mimic whole sentences, rather than just key words.

We are super nerds in our house and our night time TV viewing is nearly always ABC1. About a week ago, Seagull started copying Leigh Sales' intro - "7:30, Leigh Sales". He knows that 7:30 comes on after the news, and when he hears the intro music, he now says "7:30 with Leigh Sales". When she actually appears on the TV, he fairly squeals with delight.

The poor little thing was quite confused last Friday night when the state edition of 7:30 came on. He was going on about Leigh Sales during the opening theme and I had to explain that Leigh Sales was not on tonight, it was someone else. Let's just say that 7:30 doesn't have quite the same appeal to Seagull when someone other than Leigh is presenting it.

Seagull was getting all primed for 7:30 on Saturday night and we had to explain to him that Kingdom is on on Saturday nights, not 7:30. That was OK though. Seagull gets quite excited when he sees the ads for Kingdom through the week, pointing him out through the whole commercial. He had lots of cuddles on the lounge with Mama Sidetracked, Daddy Thunder Maker and Bubby Wombat on and off throughout the show and had great fun pointing out Kingdom to us (Kingdom is the surname of the main character of the show for those of you who don't watch the thrilling TV line-up of ABC1 on Saturday evenings).

Last night, Seagull was practically salivating in anticipation of seeing "7:30 with Leigh Sales" again. He was so thrilled when the opening theme started and his excitement reached fever pitch when Leigh appeared on the screen. He was giggling with joy and jumping up and down. The things that excite a 2 year old never cease to amaze me.

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