Sunday, 12 June 2011

Ripped off!

Before Seagull started talking, Thunder Maker and I used to muse whether his first word was going to be "mama" or "dadda". Turns out that it was going to be neither. Seagull's first word was "baby". Nice to know where his priorities were (and still are, for that matter).

As much as I was hoping that Wombat's first word was going to be "mama", I knew that it was probably going to be "dadda". My boys absolutely adore their father. They love their mama, and I'm the one they come looking for when they want some comfort and security, but dadda is who the cool kids love to hang out with in my family.

Sure enough, a few weeks ago, Wombat came out with "dadda". The funny thing is that he only ever says it when Thunder Maker isn't around, so I've been the only one to hear him say it so far. That's cool, I thought, I'll get my "mama" next.

What I was forgetting is how besotted Wombat is with Seagull. His whole face lights up every time he sees Seagull. He's a big fan of tapping Seagull to get his attention so that they can play.

Anyway, we all wake up this afternoon from a nap and Wombat comes out with his second word. Only it's not "mama". It's "brother". At this point in time, I am feeling really ripped off. He's probably going to say the pet's names before he says "mama" at this rate.

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