Saturday, 16 April 2011

Things I love about my kids

Like any parent, I have times where my kids drive me absolutely insane. Particularly Seagull. I know he's only 2 and he can't help it, he's learning how to talk and he gets frustrated easily, but it doesn't stop me from getting rather irritated by it all. It occurred to me the other day that it would be a good idea to sit down and think about all the things I love and appreciate about my kids. It's easy to let the little things get to you, which makes it that much more important to remember those moments that make you go "aw!"

The things I love about my kids include:
- Snuggling up to Wombat on a cold night and feeling him burrow in to get that little bit warmer.
- Waking up to "Hello Mummy!" from Seagull of a morning. Or "Hello Fishies!" if he happens to spy my phone.
- That Seagull has started to grab random bits of clean washing to put in the box that forms the base of our cats' scratching post and pretends that it's a washing machime (yes, that's a deliberate misspell as that's how he says it).
-  How Wombat is so chilled out most of the time. I always thought that Seagull was pretty good as a baby, but Wombat is even cruisier (please don't hate me). I'm sure he's going to be just as difficult as Seagull once he hits the terrible twos, if not worse, so I'm going to enjoy him being chilled out while it lasts.
- The quiet times I have spent with both of them over the years as I've breastfed them. I get a certain sense of achievement and awe that I am completely responsible for their nutrition in the early months and that it is solely because of me that they get so adorably chubby.
- How cuddly my boys are. Wombat is such a snuggly cuddler. Seagull has always been the sort of child where cuddles are very much on his terms, which just makes the times he does come to me for a cuddle all the sweeter.
- That Seagull is so analytical. He has always been interested in any toy that has moving parts and he loves sussing out how they work.
- When Seagull says "I love Mummy. I love Daddy. I love Bubby".
- The way Wombat has an extra special smile when he sees his big brother. I really hope that my boys are good mates as they get older.
- How Seagull will sometimes lay down next to Wombat and give him kisses, stroke him or generally have a little play with him.
- How cute Wombat looks when he rolls onto his tummy, pushes up on his hands and looks around and grins at everyone.

As much as I feel worn out by my kids at times, they are the light of my life and I wouldn't have it any other way. I never got to spend much time with my Dad growing up due to Mum and I moving so far away after they separated, so most of my Dad's parenting experience has been with my much younger half sisters (henceforth referred to as sisters). He and my stepmother waited a few years after they got married to start their own family, but Dad once said to me that once they'd had my sisters, he didn't know how they ever lived without them. I feel exactly the same way about my boys.

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Rachel said...

lots of lovely cuddles in your family by the sounds of it! just beautiful. your kids sound gorgeous, entertaining and sweet!
Smiling Tiger is a snuggler but little Emp...well it depends on his mood. i miss the cuddles...